Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday, August 7, 2009

our birthday

This was a picture of happiness .A simple celebration but we will not forgot this day. My husband"s birthday was one day ahead with my birthday usually we just go out with our kids, go to the mall and eat to our favorite fast foodchain . But this time I so much surprise when my daugther came with a cake, ice cream and fried chicken for us, we called this "pasalubong" .This is her first salary, maybe she thought to buy something to make us happy.Thanks to her. Maybe she was aware that this is the first time we have cake on our birthday we did not experience since we were born .ya thats true ...Well, were from a poor family.We just wish to have a good health in our birthday and a prayer, a birthday song, sometimes and anything on the table if ever or whatever it is, sometimes pancit and for me it was grande .But remember the most important thing in this world are those things that money can't afford to buy .

Friday, July 3, 2009

teacher's job

I' m handling advisory class in my morning with 55 Grade six pupils and OSY in the afternoon.

Priceless cake

I don't love to eat mocha flavored cake but this cake is different maybe for now it is the most delicious cake i ever had.Why?it is branded by love and trust.It was given to me by mother of my 3 students they are brothers and sister handling them in different years.Its a great pleasure to anybody received anything your not expected for the recognition of the goodthings that have been done to them.,although it is natural for us to do goodthings, and i t not necessary to received recognition in everything we do, the most important is you do it with love and we have recognition from above.

amazing papaya

Im so amazed after slicing this papaya coz it has only one seed.But this fruit was one of the reason why my husband send to hospital, before it happened, he told me to buy papaya because he suppers constipation and pain in his abdomen so ihave to buy this .He believed that it will be the one that can solve his problem.But after he have eaten this fruit .its overnight the cant get even a nap it worsen the pain tha caused him to bring to the hospital.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

start of classes

Today is June 2 its a second day of classes.I have 58 student.Whew I feel so tired today.

Friday, May 29, 2009

7 days in te hospital

It was May 15 Friday when I noticed that my husdand was so uneasy on his bed .He cant sleep all night because his suffering pain in his abdomen .I'll try to calm him by rubbing and applying oil on his tummy but didnt work.Next morning when I wake up his still in pain so instead of attending ladies' work which is scheduled on that day I decided to bring him on the hospital.We went to the OPD first but it was so early there were no doctors in. So, we decided to go to emergency department.Before the treatment,all the necessary labaratories were done first.Although I know that we need money on that day but, i' m not worried about it, what I really thinking on that day that His sickness was not severe and maybe he could recover in just a little time.But when the labaratories result come out it was so horrible for me,Imagine his sugar so high, he has infections which damaged to some of his internal organ.Ill try to be brave and to be strong .I prayed and prayed just on my mind I know God knows my heartaches and ny needs He will not forsaken me but rather help me.And its true,Although my husband stays in the hospital
I always saw his smile thats inspired me to be strong,He fight and moved.Theres a lot of people visited him and help us even in financial
matter.When I handed the hospital bill , it so big amount I didn't know what to do coz all the money that I have was just one fourth of the bill.
Maybe I spent 30 minutes just looking at the bill when my cell phone rang.It was my co teacher ellen text me and asking that, why we still on the hospital coz she expected that we were out before that day.So I told her about the bill.She said she would bring money.Surprise .. God your so Great. Another rang from my cell phone it was Brod Joel.He solved all the prolems Amazing ....God so Amazing ... They were the Angels send by God...Thank you very much.. Really thank you talaga.... Today my husband is on recovery but he works he didn't even rest..And tomorrow he would plan to go ceragem or nuga best for treatment I kow it would help for his full recovery.