Friday, July 3, 2009

teacher's job

I' m handling advisory class in my morning with 55 Grade six pupils and OSY in the afternoon.

Priceless cake

I don't love to eat mocha flavored cake but this cake is different maybe for now it is the most delicious cake i ever had.Why?it is branded by love and trust.It was given to me by mother of my 3 students they are brothers and sister handling them in different years.Its a great pleasure to anybody received anything your not expected for the recognition of the goodthings that have been done to them.,although it is natural for us to do goodthings, and i t not necessary to received recognition in everything we do, the most important is you do it with love and we have recognition from above.

amazing papaya

Im so amazed after slicing this papaya coz it has only one seed.But this fruit was one of the reason why my husband send to hospital, before it happened, he told me to buy papaya because he suppers constipation and pain in his abdomen so ihave to buy this .He believed that it will be the one that can solve his problem.But after he have eaten this fruit .its overnight the cant get even a nap it worsen the pain tha caused him to bring to the hospital.