Friday, August 7, 2009

our birthday

This was a picture of happiness .A simple celebration but we will not forgot this day. My husband"s birthday was one day ahead with my birthday usually we just go out with our kids, go to the mall and eat to our favorite fast foodchain . But this time I so much surprise when my daugther came with a cake, ice cream and fried chicken for us, we called this "pasalubong" .This is her first salary, maybe she thought to buy something to make us happy.Thanks to her. Maybe she was aware that this is the first time we have cake on our birthday we did not experience since we were born .ya thats true ...Well, were from a poor family.We just wish to have a good health in our birthday and a prayer, a birthday song, sometimes and anything on the table if ever or whatever it is, sometimes pancit and for me it was grande .But remember the most important thing in this world are those things that money can't afford to buy .