Friday, May 29, 2009

7 days in te hospital

It was May 15 Friday when I noticed that my husdand was so uneasy on his bed .He cant sleep all night because his suffering pain in his abdomen .I'll try to calm him by rubbing and applying oil on his tummy but didnt work.Next morning when I wake up his still in pain so instead of attending ladies' work which is scheduled on that day I decided to bring him on the hospital.We went to the OPD first but it was so early there were no doctors in. So, we decided to go to emergency department.Before the treatment,all the necessary labaratories were done first.Although I know that we need money on that day but, i' m not worried about it, what I really thinking on that day that His sickness was not severe and maybe he could recover in just a little time.But when the labaratories result come out it was so horrible for me,Imagine his sugar so high, he has infections which damaged to some of his internal organ.Ill try to be brave and to be strong .I prayed and prayed just on my mind I know God knows my heartaches and ny needs He will not forsaken me but rather help me.And its true,Although my husband stays in the hospital
I always saw his smile thats inspired me to be strong,He fight and moved.Theres a lot of people visited him and help us even in financial
matter.When I handed the hospital bill , it so big amount I didn't know what to do coz all the money that I have was just one fourth of the bill.
Maybe I spent 30 minutes just looking at the bill when my cell phone rang.It was my co teacher ellen text me and asking that, why we still on the hospital coz she expected that we were out before that day.So I told her about the bill.She said she would bring money.Surprise .. God your so Great. Another rang from my cell phone it was Brod Joel.He solved all the prolems Amazing ....God so Amazing ... They were the Angels send by God...Thank you very much.. Really thank you talaga.... Today my husband is on recovery but he works he didn't even rest..And tomorrow he would plan to go ceragem or nuga best for treatment I kow it would help for his full recovery.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Happiness is on the face of my daughter.But the real happiness is serving God with all our heart. Today I feel the real happiness when these two daughters of mine as my permission to go to Church for them to plan what will they do in Vacation Bible School VBS.
They were assigned as teachers on VBS so im glad they are active in participating on the work of the Church.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

our pet

Muning is the name of this beautiful cat .My husband pick up this cat on the street two years ago,very sick and dirty.He took it in our home,tied it for almost two months so that it will stay and never go out if is untied so after two month that was happened muning never go out he becomes very healhty
it has blue green eyes so smooth white fur. my husband took him a bath weekly.But one thing that i dont like is for being warrior to the other cats .

our pet

This is Berto one of our pet, his name was given to him by my daughter from her crush she said that, " in memory of my crush I will give you his name Berto"Berto is now 4 years old .It was given to my daughter by her classmate when she was 4th high school.Berto is very intelligent,kind , and humble dog.He knows to get our attention when he is hungry, when he wants to urinate and etc. you will love this dog promise.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

what a day

Today i started my work in going to market I bought something to cook for my father .I bought tahong and vegetable I thought that it is good for my father's health.Im the one taking cared of him for 2 days coz I let my sister and her family go on vacation.It was so easy to take care of my father so I can also watched TV the fight of manny pacaio and haton.Im so excited while wacthing specially when haton knocked out