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beautiful life

Entry for January 24, 2008
Entry for January 24, 2008 magnify
I missed the happy moments with my eldest daughter her story in every time she arrived from school she is very open to me no secrets even she wants it but she cant. I missed her spouting face whenever she is not in the mood, her hobby to eat umm ,everything about her. But she left our house ........ She is now with her friends. Sometimes think its fine for her age to be away from home I think she can handled herself for her age she's now 20 years old .
I want her to be independent in many ways. But I realized its not fine to be away from home for the wrong reason , leaving with anger is not good ..Although i know that she didn't want it too...But it is her decision just scape with the tension. Tension is number one cause of sickness it is also a killer .I understand her decison to leave us afterall I believe d she loved her father very much but one thing they have in common, they are both irritable maybe because of thy're maintenance drugs what i called them sometimes drug addicts just kidding . My daughter is quite sweet to her father in different ways she doesnt showed it by kissing or hugging but by buying something that she knows her father's would loved, she saves money from her school allowance. She came home with a smile to her father giving a little things that she thought her father would appreciate in return without any words you can see the gladness reaction of her father, that was a heavenly time for me when i saw them in that situation . In fairness to her Father ,he is thoughtful that even He was angry he didn't forgot his resposibiities to her. Maybe he also realized that he got mistake too.I hope everything will be fine.I want her back i missed her very much.
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Entry for October 15, 2007
hi friends im still here .but time is not enough to write my blog coz i have to give to my daughter.She has plenty of research so i tried next time.
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Entry for July 07, 2007
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these are my bro and sisters in Christ.Bagiuo city sis ruth house.
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Entry for July 05, 2007
hi friends sorry im very busy
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Entry for June 23, 2007
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this is the picture of tunnel we pass by in our ladies retreat
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