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duty of man

Entry for April 05, 2008
What is the whole duty of man?

"The whole duty of man is to served God."

Eclesiastes 12:13

God is the one who use is power and made the earth. God use his wisdom and built the world with understanding, God stretched out the sky over the earth.
Jeremiah 10:12

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Entry for March 17, 2008
My Friend
My friend i stand in judgement now
And feel that your to blame somehow
On earth I walked with you someday,
And never did you point the way.

You knew the Lord in truth and glory
But never did you tell the story
My knowledge then was very dim,
You could have led me safety to him.

You taught me many things, thats true
I called you "friend", and trusted you.
But now I learn thats its to late
You could have kept me from this fate.

We walked by day and talked by night,
And you showed me not the light.
You let me live and love and die.
But knew I'd never live on high.

Yes I called you "friend" in life.
And trusted you through joy and strife
And yet, on coming to this dreadfull end ..
I cannot, now even call you" My Friend"

Fern Roberts
Eastland TX

This poem is dedicated to all my friends
You know I did something for you about this
But you are the one repusing
I tried to talked
to you about this topic but you always
change the topic.So what I did is to have another tactics
I invited you to all the Christian gatherings but you still repusing.My
friend I hope that before its to late you accept Him to your life
the time is too short....I dont want you to blame me when that times comes.
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Entry for March 11, 2008
I will continue may love story this vacation .I have memory gap sometimes .its a sign of old age im sure.
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Entry for February 21, 2008
Entry for February 21, 2008 magnify

IT started March 1, 1986,I was busy in my work serving people's drinks at the Villamor's Driving Range.I was a working students on that time actually my salary is too little it wasn't reach the minimum rate of the labor standard wage . But I have to sacrifies it was not so easy to find job besides that I need time for my studies.
Well thats not my story today .I just want to share my love story he he . sometimes i just want to recall the past episode of my life in order to relax ..To much tension in everyday work a lot fo mischievous child in school too much paper work, lack of attention from my loveones he he .Its too much right.But when iwas alone I do recall the happy times of my youth specially the time when i meet my hmm.Iwas 25 year old and he was 23 ya i was older than him although on that time what he knew was we are at the same age .he he maybe i look young on my age or because im cute ya because im short ha ha thats the reality.Short is beautiful for my husband thats the reason he married me. wait thats not the begining of my story it was liked this...It was summer time when i saw him in my job which is in the Driving Range .He's wearing a white polo shirt and everyone's eyes of my co workers focus on him.They said , he is our new waiter and the eyes of our boss so be careful in our work be good because everything happened here our boss would know.So everybody including me was aware in everything we do.One day he came so early and he talked to my friend who was my co worker too. He asked my friend ,who among the women working here has no boyfriend and my friend told him that it was only me who has none .He told something about me.Ha ha i dont even realized she was interested on me because when he saw me he glanced at me without smiling .When I finished my work it was already 2pm. Before i go home I have to standby on one of the side just sitting there and wait for some of my client he he he thats my part time job so that i have some additional income ..My client are those profesional in golf I need their hands to clean.Yah manicurist thats me.On that time instead of my client came to me he was the one who sits besides me asking something about me .So I told him everything he wanted to know .I thought he was so impressed the way i talked to him.On that time but I have no feelings on him inspite of his good looking guy white complexion and tall.Yah physically attracted maybe. Why? because without the knowledge of my co worker I have a boyfriend in our province even though we are far to each other and no communication at all ,still for me his my boyfriend.Thats one of our tradition you couldn't have another relationship unless you still have one.
To continue my story,after that meeting he ask me if we can go together after work to talk and stroll.And it happened always so we developed our feelings in a short period starting March 1986 ,we got married August 19 0n the same year. As of now We have 2 Beautiful daughter my eldest is 21 years od and the youngest is 16 years old they are both in college.
We are a happy family.

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Entry for February 21, 2008
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Who's in the picture She's my beautiful niece .She's so wise and cannot b sad when
you are with her .She knows my temper in everytime i was not in the mood she is there to cheer me up.She is very talented ,for having good voice .i take care of her from Mondays thru friday because Im the one sending her to school this school year .Her mom and pops take care of her lolo so in fairness to then I voluntered to take care of my niece .Shes's my closest niece ever since she was a child she was always with me and you even loved her because of her sweetness.Now 'we feel that she"s our youngest child.Sometimes I have a problem for her attitude toward her school activities,her teacher always telling me for about her being talkative in class and for being lazy in writing .Well Idon't know whether her being lefthanded is the problem or her eyes iwas thinking ofpossible solutions to stop her bad attitude . I asked her teacher what could be the reasons of her being like this and she told m that maybe she needs some special attention she needs more recognition . But her Mother told me that maybe she hav to stop all the curicullar activities so she would not be able to have hunger in recognizing ang praising . She told that me that she observed her child's behavior changed when she started to joined different contest and won .Well for me child's attitude change because of some factors what we have to consider her emotional and her mental capabilities to understands the people around her and the environment .We must be a keen observer so that we can correct her wrong doings and teach her in the right path with love and affection .
We dont have to be upset for the wrong doings of our child but we have to consider this as a challenge for all of us adult.It is like a game that if we go to our wrong decion .. then we know the ending .... Both are loser. hayy

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