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Entry for May 28, 2007

In some family most cases at home that we can observe from the children to their parents are disrespect , how do they answer to the question, they are arrogant instead of being humble they humilate they parents oh its so sad if I will encountered this to my children. You cannot see the love from them.When my children are still in their childhood I reme,ber they are so lovable, sweet, they always kissed and hug me we sleep together and we play too before we sleep.. Now my children are going up....Imissed those days ...hugging and kissing ..... They were too busy... where??? ump Computer .... All day.. You dont have to disturb them or else you can see the real beauty of their faces...You can hear the murmuring sound that you even understand. Sometimes i hate myself buying those stuff but since we are now in a modern world you have to follow the trend .Can i blame the modernity of today... can i blame them it up to us to dicipline them.How can I???? Its maybe an easy problem So i must resolve them.

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Entry for May 24, 2007

Train your child in the way he should go and when he is old he should not depart from it....................................

this is the message brod Rey on Sunday.....He said there is 3r's in training a child .

1.Responsability as parents,we have the resposability to teach and train our children it requires time and patience.

2. Respect we should respect our child whatever deffirences she had we have to accept her as uniqe individual.

3Reassurance If the parents have done their job right,It will be imposible for child to depart from the teaching he has received.

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Entry for May 23, 2007

We went to SM mall today to buy things needed for the school. But before that we went tothe burial of one of my brother in Christ.It was brod Enar from Las Pinas congregation.

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Entry for May 21, 2007
Entry for May 21, 2007 magnify

This picture was taken in our Intecogregational fellowship in Cavite .It fun having your brothers and sisters are on your side singing praises songs praying listening to the message . It was in Tagaytay the climate is so good and the place is something you can feel relax its so quite I felt im very near to Him I enjoy the nature and the best place for me is like this. We had a wonderful time spending there we had games who's everybody enjoyed.Of course everyone brougth their own prepared food and shared it to everyone of us .We went with smile. oh how nice .....

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Entry for May 18, 2007
my co teacher txt me today to report on the school to finish the mps and sd of our Nationa lAchievement test Ifeel so tired i continue tomoroow.
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