Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last Sunday my husband and I attended worship service in San Dionisio Church of Christ.
Im happy coz after seven years we came back in this congregation that it was handled by my husband for almost nine years as evangelist.Sometimes there are things that we will not expect to happened even we dont want it and God has the one Who has the purpose why this things happened. For nine years of service in this cong. my husband learned so many things about service to God and the people the most important thing is converting people into Christianity.He went out from house to house knock every door and he most happy moment for him is when one open it to listen message from God .Sometimes If I dont have work I supported him by accompanying him in his evangelical work.Rich and poor peolple are very different when we knock at the door of rich people ussually they will not open it they just peep at the whole and says sorry i cant open the door for you coz my master is not here or sometimes the dog welcome you by barking angrily.Or sometimes when the master is present they said so many alibis that we obusely expected but we have to continue Mat; 28: 18 In reaching the poor people they are open as their heart open to listen but sometimes the problem they were hungry and you have to feed them physicaly before you feed them spiritually.Although this things happened many times he never give up but there is one reason he gave up in his mission is what we call " hidwaan" in our language.Its a fight using a cruel ,rude, so digrading words coming from each one .In order to solve, he thought of things that is worthwhile and that is parting.We transfer to another congregation to continue the mission until the times comes that all the pride, heartache, were gone.And last Sunday my husband was invited again in this congregation as guest speaker .I was surprise when I heard the massage it was intitled HIDWAAN. The most important part to his message was his key word
Forgive and Forget.

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