Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday I attended seminar in Imus it was about The Approaches in Teaching Levels and How to Be An Effective Teacher.Im one of the Speaker. My Topic was Focus on Elementary Level and How to Make Lesson plan.The participants whom I expected are Mothers in different congregations but they're not instead,Youth in different congregation well for me it 's better,anyway they can able to teach Sunday School.I hope that this Seminar would help in all the participant and they can apply this in their teaching and in themselves.

After the seminar I asked my husband reactions on what I have shared and of course even there were some negative reactions I was happy because he listened to me.He said It was not negative but constractive comment ya I appreciated and received whether it is good or bad comments what important is I impart some knowledge just like"Teaching that change the life of the learner that it will happen only when the teacher is the one serve as model it means that teacher must change their life into a righteous life.

But in some of my husband comments touch my feelings.He said you dont have to touch somebodies work they may feel ashamed just stick to your topic.Well im sorry I never expected that somebody would hurt. For me,I just challenged them but not to hurt their feelings.Sometimes people easily hurt if you talk about the things they should have to do but they 're not and then then somebody told it to them specially weaker than them because women are weaker than men.

As teacher of Sunday School I narrated all the problems I incountered .Just like lack of school materials,and even lack of students,parents cooperations, knowledge of teaching these was before since I think Im just 16yrs old when I started teaching Sunday School.And Im facing for all Youth yesterday and knowing that, what problem they have experience in teaching Sunday School is just same as what I have.

This seminar is not to blame some concern people but to solve problems so that teacher can teach effectively.Why do teachers lack of materials?Why teachers dont have series of lessons ?
Why do teachers asking for the attendance of students?

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