Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A beautiful place

This is the place where we went in Ternate Cavite.Too far 50 kilometers away from our place you have too passed a mountain before you reaching this place.This is my third time going here.Although the water is n't clear as water in San Teodoro, still you can have fun and refresh your body from too much hot.We stayed there from 6am to 3pm just eating lots of " inihaw na karneng baboy, bangus .at tilapia "and have fun in swimming .I dont like to make my skin dark so I hid under the bridge you have seen on this picture. I felt its not only my skin but my mind and spirit relax and refresh in doing this kind of family activity . Lets do it every summer time ! Thanks God for giving us this season you will feel how God is wonderfull for giving us the beautiful nature like this.

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